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Available online and at Mindful Cafe & Apothecary in Ramsey, NJ

It all started because my boyfriend (now husband) got a whiff of my pits after a few months of dating and was a little too honest about my "natural deodorant" just not cutting it!  I was mortified, because I swear I tried just about every organic brand out there and nothing worked! But I was also determined to find, or make, my own solution... and after some experimenting, I did!   All of a sudden the word was spreading and I realized that I wasn't the only one with a less than desirable underarm aroma, but not wanting all the chemicals of what's on the shelves!  So I had friends and family constantly coming to me for their deodorant needs and LOVING it because finally, something truly worked!  That's when I knew I couldn't stop there and started experimenting with lotions and lip balms and everything fun and girly, and shortly after, La Caron ("L.A." are my first two initials, for Lauren Alexandra and "Caron" is my new married last name, which works out perfectly because it means purity and love), thus 'La Caron: Pure.Natural.Love' was created!

Ingredient Commitment


I wasn't in the market to 'make a skin care line'... that honestly wasn't even one of my passions until I started looking for all natural ingredients that were actually affordable and that I could trust!  I wanted ingredients so pure that I could eat it...if 60% of what you put on your skin is absorded, that's pretty major!

At La Caron we’re passionate about making quality, natural, and organic products that are affordable for everyone that wants to not only eat as clean as possible, but encompass a natural lifestyle in everyway!


Hey Beauty,

I created La Caron for every Beauty who wants their skin to look as amazing on the outside as what they feel on the inside because every ingredient matters and what you put on your skin eventually ends up in your body!  

 Love ya!

Lauren Alexandra Caron, Founder

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